My name is Jack Roizental I’m a designer from Caracas, Venezuela living in Miami.

In my work I constantly try to balance intuition and intention.



Currently ︎︎︎

Magic Leap
Senior Visual Designer

Previously ︎︎︎

Senior Designer on Paula Scher’s Team

Area of Practice
Freelance Design

Studio Institute
Freelance Motion

Moving Image & Content
Freelance Design

River App
Freelance Motion

Marine Lane
Graphic Designer


YoungArts identifies the most accomplished young artists and provides them with development opportunities throughout their careers. Pentagram designed a bold and contemporary visual identity that captures their spirit and mission. 

The new identity uses Degular as its main typeface, and centers on a wordmark held by a set of brackets, a graphic motif that conveys what is special about the foundation—that it identifies a select group of emerging artists, brings them into a diverse and dynamic community, and stays with them as a support system throughout their artistic lives.

Partner: Paula Scher
Senior Deisgners: Emily Atwood, Jack Roizental

Identity, Animation


To commemorate the 13th edition of The Gwangju Biennale, Pentagram partner Paula Scher was commissioned to design a transit kiosk for a major thoroughfare in Gwangju. The wall and a roof’s extruded letterforms are locked together to hold the 8-foot-tall kiosk in place. A transparent LED screen runs the length of the shelter and displays information and images.

Partner: Paula Scher
Senior Designer: Jack Roizental
Architectural Designer: Emma Jung
3D Designer: JungIn You

Type Design, Environmental Design


An experiment in Photogrammetry (3D Scanning) of the NYC streets. 3D models created with Metashape and C4D.

3D Design, Photogrammetry


Pentagram’s 26th season designing for Shakespeare in the Park and the first to be seen fully animated on the digital kiosks in the streets of NYC. Each year, the season design changes in the use and spirit of Knockout, the Public theater’s typeface. The graphics feature a playfully redrawn version of the font with occasional skinny arms and legs.

Partner: Paula Scher
Associate: Kirstin Huber
Senior Deisgner: Jack Roizental Public Theater: Tammy Shell, 
Gina Roi

Identity, Type Design, Animation


Every year the branding for the Atlantic Theater Company is refreshed for the new season, building on the visual identity originally created by Pentagram. The 2021-2022 season features a solarized graphic treatment using the Atlantic’s signature red and adding a cool purple.

Partner: Paula Scher Associate: Kirstin Huber
Senior Deisgner: Jack Roizental Intern: Yansong Yang

Identity,  Editorial, 3D Design, Animation


Delos was my thesis project at SVA’s MFA Design. I created a publisher that views new ideas through a lens of curiosity.
The first book I’ll publish covers the topic of Psychedelics. Through four interviews, I contrasted different perspectives on a similar goal: reintegrating psychedelics into society. 

Identity,  Editorial, 3D Design, Animation