My name is Jack Roizental I’m a graphic, 3D, and type designer from Caracas, Venezuela.

In my work I constantly try to balance intuition and intention.

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Currently ︎︎︎

Magic Leap
Senior Visual Designer

Previously ︎︎︎

Senior Designer
Paula Scher’s Team

Area of Practice
Freelance Design

Studio Institute
Freelance Motion

Moving Image & Content
Freelance Design

River App
Freelance Motion

Marine Lane
Graphic Designer


COVID-19 changed the end of our school year quite drastically. Trying to make the best out of it, I organized a set of guest-lectures over Zoom which were appropriately titled Lectures in Quarantine.

Identity, Animation


I designed a series of invitations for AlquimiaMC’s shows in Mexico DF’s Design week and Art Miami. The typeface used for the 3D element was custom made based on lettering by Venezuelan designer Nedo MF.
3D Design, Type Design