My name is Jack Roizental I’m a Creative Director specializing in graphic, 3D, and type design from Caracas, Venezuela.

In my work I constantly try to balance intuition and intention.

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Currently ︎︎︎

Magic Leap
Senior Designer

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Senior Designer
Paula Scher’s Team

Area of Practice
Freelance Design

Studio Institute
Freelance Motion

Moving Image & Content
Freelance Design

River App
Freelance Motion

Marine Lane
Graphic Designer


YoungArts identifies the most accomplished young artists and provides them with development opportunities throughout their careers. Pentagram designed a bold and contemporary visual identity that captures their spirit and mission. 

The new identity uses Degular as its main typeface, and centers on a wordmark held by a set of brackets, a graphic motif that conveys what is special about the foundation—that it identifies a select group of emerging artists, brings them into a diverse and dynamic community, and stays with them as a support system throughout their artistic lives.

Partner: Paula Scher
Senior Deisgners: Emily Atwood, Jack Roizental

Identity, Animation